Today's Top Stories         June 29, 2019

superconductors printed with graphene oxide ink
purdue pushing nanoantenna array microsurfaces
new balance and formlabs revamping a classic
new class of structure thanks to nanocomposites
3d printing factory launched in dubai


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Gold / Markets / Population
Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine
Elvis Presley

3d printed thumbstick
man attempts suicide with zucchini
one apartment = 24 rooms

scientists find last honest man
walnut fights and other games
help free the earth videos
nanocomposites photog credit

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induction magnetometer measures haarp output
man claims skull remains of alien lovechild
world's cleverest man turns down 1 million dollars
scientists claim able to turn off brain morality center

internet security guru shows all
cryptome vault       what's my ip?

3d printed new balance shoe photog credit   
can a fly be a spy?       need a proxy server?

China goes $3 million into custom midsoles