Advances with Hydroxyapatite

Posted by Editor On August - 31 - 2016

Advances with Hydroxyapatite

French company 3DCeram has produced a printer that creates ceramic prostheses used in skull repair

Hydroxyapatite is an osteoconductive 3D-printing material. It promotes bone growth with 60% porosity and has no body rejection. is reporting on the developments of French company 3DCeram, in collaboration with Limoges University Hospital, in providing alternatives to bone grafts in reconstructive skull surgery. 3DCeram has created a printer called Ceremaker capable of delivering cranial prostheses using hydroxyapatite and photopolymers. Once printed and allowed to harden, the prosthesis is then cured into a ceramic.

The process is heralded as a much needed remedy to the painful suffering of the patient who loses bodily material for the graft. The merits of having articulated replacement parts designed specifically for the patient are astounding.

The cost of the printer is $327,000 and prostheses can be printed for as little as $12,000. To see the story, visit: