The Big 3D Printer Secret Behind SprintRay

Posted by Editor On November - 30 - 2017

The Big 3D Printer Secret Behind SprintRay

SprintRay, located in Highland Park, California, makes top-of-the-line DLP 3D printers. Unfortunately, the demand for their product exceeds their current output. This, they say, is “a good problem.”

Founded with a Kickstarter campaign, the company began to deliver their printers several years back. While other DLP machines held the market share of the makerspacers, SprintRay went in a different direction. With the MoonRay’s resolution higher than most hobby printers may need, and faster at that, it has gained the appreciation by a group of people who truly need these assets.

Some would say SprintRay found a gold mine in people’s mouths.

Yes, their secret is in dentistry. SprintRay sells almost exclusively to dental clients, providing both mold creation and end-use applications for the specific resins dentists require in their trade. That resin would be NextDent by 3D Systems, which is biocompatible and CE-certified to be used in dental work and human implantation.

The MoonRay does all that and more. Because of their resolution and print speed, the company has gained an underground reputation among the gamer and character modeling crowd. Owen Bradbury, marketing director for SprintRay, explained that while the team spends nearly all its time marketing to the dental trade, the company makes the time to respond to its comic book fan base, as in its attendance to the recent ZBrush conference held by Pixologic in October.

“We were recently picked up with Patterson Dental to provide them with our devices,” said Bradbury, “So right now, we have a good problem.”

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