The Daily 3D Detail: How a 3D printed model saved a woman’s life

Posted by Franka Schoening On July - 13 - 2017

A 60-year old woman, who admitted to Rashid Hospital in Dubai for cerebral bleeding, was successfully treated with the help of 3D printing. An x-ray showed cerebral aneurysm in four veins – a complex surgery. A 3D model of her brain helped doctors figure out how to reach each clocked vein before starting the rare procedure, resulting in a considerable risk reduction for the patient and cost savings for the hospital.

3D printed model of a brain

The surgery took six hours and was considered a success. Without access to the model, the surgery is estimated to take longer and pose a higher risk for the patient. The used model was constructed by 3DVinci Creations, a local Dubai 3D printing company. Providing dimensional perspective, the model allowed for a an increasingly accurate diagnosis and enabled pre-planning of the procedure, based on patient-specific anatomy. Read the full article at