The Daily 3D Detail: 3D scanner water tank

Posted by Taila Rodrigues On August - 3 - 2017

The traditional 3D scanner methods are based on optical devices, laser and cameras.

Researchers have discovered an unusual scanner method, a 3D scanner immersed in water tank. The object is immersed in a water bath by a mechanical arm, in order to obtain a better reconstruction the object needs to be immersed many times, in this way the water and able to penetrate in all the areas of the object, are also submerged from different angles through of which measures the elevation of water.

This method accurately reconstructs even hidden parts of an object that typical 3D laser scanners are not able to capture.

The team based their method on the ancient principle of Archimedes‘ displacement – the volume of displaced fluid is equivalent to the volume of a submerged object.

The team approach is safe and economical, it is a low cost alternative using an innovative method.

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