The Daily 3D Detail: Additive manufacturing and space agriculture

Posted by Franka Schoening On August - 12 - 2017

As we all know, 3D printing has increasingly gained importance in space exploration due to its versatility and adaptability. To facilitate a permanently staffed space station by 2022, the Chinese have started exploring options to improve astronauts diet. Nutrition is crucial to functioning in a highly demanding environment like a space station.

Astronauts farming in micro-gravity environment

With the help of 3D printed plant boxes, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong cultivated lettuce in the micro-gravity environment. The 30-days spent on board were considered a huge success, and likely to inspire major agricultural opportunities for future long-term space exploration.

Growing lettuce in 3D printed flower boxes in space

Before anyone can taste the space-grown lettuce, bio-testing is necessary to ensure safety for human consumption. Bon Appetit, Chewbacca! Read more here at