Ceramics May Mean End to Animal Testing

According to the International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, 3D-printed ceramics may mean the end to animal testing.

By providing the ideal biosurface for cellular growth, 3D-printed ceramics are proving to be superior lab tools over animal testing in giving scientists direct genetic material to apply to their tests. The benefit is from the singularly successful 3D design and the ceramic material it is printed on, allowing the proper scaffolding for biological growth, wherein researchers can do their tests for specific results and thereby avoid unnecessary suffering to living creatures from chemical tests.

Ceramics May Mean End to Animal Testing

The 3D printed design is in a clover leaf configuration of four “petals,” centered around a delicately printed square scaffold system.

The authors of the study have stated: “The microsystem obtained provides one of the most remarkable examples of monolithic bio-microsystems and, to our knowledge, a step forward in the field of ceramic microsystems with complex geometries for lab-on-chip and organ-on-chip applications.”

“Cell culture results help to highlight the potential of the proposed approach and the adequacy of using ceramic materials for biological applications and for interacting at a cellular level.”

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