The Daily 3D Detail: Disney Claims IP Infringement

Posted by Editor On November - 13 - 2017

Disney Claims IP Infringement

These low-poly count figurines of Star Wars fame are being removed from Thingiverse

While 3D printing has encountered very few significant intellectual property infringement matters regarding printed models since its inception, it was inevitable that such a breezy path of unrestraint would run its course. Even more inevitable, the first 3D modeling infringement claims would, of course, come from Disney.

Disney, the adopted-parent company of the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas and Lucasfilms, has demanded that Thingiverse, the STL file download site owned by Stratasys, remove a selection of Star Wars figurine models.

While there are a large number of Star Wars character models still available on Thingiverse and other STL file sites, including the ubiquitous Yoda heads, this move by Disney marks a turning point whereby the Dark Side of copyright law has begun to shred the unbridled freedom of 3D printrs to model and print their own creations.

As covered by All3DP, Disney’s attack on Thingiverse primarily seems focused on the detailed designs of Agustin Flowalistik from Argentina. Primarily, Disney’s claims of infringement have to do with three characters of Flowalistik’s modeling work: R2D2, C3PO, and Darth Vader figures. While these characters are now removed, Flowalistik’s work can still be downloaded in the form of an Imperial Stormtrooper.