The Daily 3D Detail: Have you heard about Metamaterial?

Posted by Taila Rodrigues On July - 28 - 2017

Metamaterials are small four-sided plastic cells, arranged in repetitive patterns that expand when air is pumped inward, fold into themselves, and easily return to their original shape. These properties can reap benefits beyond what is possible with conventional construction methods. Despite what the name implies, the ingenuity of metamaterials is not in their chemical composition, but in the engineering of their design.

With metamaterials one can easily build cubes at varying rigidity, adding unique mechanical functionality to the item being produced.

Have You Heard about Metamaterial?

The example shown here is a mechanism that can fit a curve using a very precise placement called cut cells. The cutting cell is capable of folding in a controlled, multidirectional movement without requiring any assembly.

As 3D printing becomes more common, thinking in 3D design also becomes less and less limited. Designers world-wide have started working with this kind of versatile, adjustable, and self-actuated material.

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