Introducing 3D Printing Magic Under $200

Posted by Editor On April - 26 - 2018

Introducing 3D Printing Magic Under $200The Holy Grail of 3D printing is good quality at low cost. A couple of companies have claimed to have found it by providing reliable 3D printers for under $200.

Biqu, out of China, makes the claim with their Biqu Magician. The Magician has a sizable z-length to its envelope, giving it an enviable build space for its size. It does a great job printing and best, yet, retails for $200.

The Biqu Magician also comes in assorted colors of red, black, gray, and blue and sold out models quickly when they introduced themselves to the American market at the Inside 3D Printing Expo in San Diego in December 2017.

On of the benefits the Magician has is a smaller footprint than standard 3D printer ‘box’ design and can fit on a crowded desk.

Another company becoming an industry name is Monoprice. Monoprice was established in 2002 as an electronics company that has made the jump to 3D printer production. The MP Mini Delta 3D Printer has a lot going for it, including a popular opinion in the 3D printr community.

With the expected growth in 3D printer purchases for personal use looming in the future, companies like Biqu and Monoprice are ones to watch.