LEGO Considering 3D Printing at Home

Posted by Editor On December - 5 - 2017

LEGO Considering 3D Printing at Home

LEGO considers 3D printing at home by releasing blueprint designs

According to a report published Dec. 1 by World Intellectual Property Review LEGO is open to the selling of official LEGO blueprints.

This information comes from a address made by Mette Andersen, corporate counsel for LEGO System, LEGO’s main division of building models and figurines on Nov. 30 at INTA’s (International Trademark Association) Brand Authenticity Conference in Berlin. Denmark’s LEGO company is currently celebrating its 85th anniversary. The company is listed by Forbes as the most powerful brand of 2017.

According to World Intellectual Property Review, “The Washington Post described 3D printing as potentially Lego’s ‘biggest test ever,’ but Andersen disagreed, adding that Lego welcomes free competition as long as rivals don’t use any of LEGO’s trademarks, copyright and patents.”

Andersen mused on the questions over whether people print their own bricks at home, and whether other companies may pick up special projects including military models. Andersen concluded her statement by saying, “As long as they do it fairly, we [LEGO] accept it.”

John Hornick, a partner at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, was also addressing the conference.

“Business models will be forced to evolve… It has the ability to take us back to being makers again, and not buying,” said Hornick. “As democratization increases, the ability to make things away from control increases and IP eventually becomes irrelevant.”

For more on what others at the conference had to say about 3D printing and intellectual property rights, read the full story at World Intellectual Property Review.

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