The Daily 3D Detail: Low cost prosthetics

Posted by Taila Rodrigues On July - 29 - 2017

The Daily 3D Detail: Low cost prosthetics

For many people who are born without or have lost limbs, finding suitable prostheses is a great challenge, as the high costs of the devices and the low chances of getting help are great barriers for those who have limited financial resources.

However it is possible to make prostheses much cheaper with a help of 3D printing.

Although this technology is still relatively new, 3D-printed prostheses are already more affordable than traditional prosthetics, as it is possible to publish devices quickly at a low cost which can be retrofitted and improved on the fly. In addition, the ease of customization in the manufacturing method contributes to a specific patient adaptation and a comfortable fit.

The Daily 3D Detail: Low cost prosthetics

Unlike conventional dentures that can cost around $5,000, an impressive prosthesis would cost 1% of that value. Of course, these prostheses in question may be relatively primitive — giving only basic movement for a missing hand — there are projects that demonstrate an influence by robotics, making the possibilities unlimited only by its resources.

The success of this 3D printing technology in medicine is already something concrete, as existing 3D prosthetics have demonstrated an effectiveness above expectations that will soon be available to the world’s poorest sufferers.

Thanks to the E-nable Project, having access to a prosthesis is already a reality for many people. E-nable is using 3D printing to “Give the World a Helping Hand”. They are volunteers in a worldwide network of people from different cultures, visions, and inspirations who have come together to offer cost-free printed dentures to anyone who needs it.

For more information about the E-nable Project and how to become a volunteer, visit the link