In pursuit of the world’s best bike.

At an event held at the Renishaw Innovation Centre in Gloucestershire in May 2016, Robot Bike Co’s CEO Ed Haythornthwaite launches the R160, a customizable mountain bike frame.

At approximately 6:00 a.m. on June 5, 2016, 3D printer manufacturer Airwolf3D reported the burglary of 13 3D printers from their Costa Mesa, Calif. facility. The robbery occurred on the company surveillance cameras and was posted online, showing a man and a woman in camouflage and masks ramming the warehouse door with a champagne-colored Ford Econoline van and loading the printers into the vehicle. The retail value of the printers was estimated by Airwolf 3D to be worth $60,0000.
Anyone with information regarding the robbery is urged to contact police and the Airwolf3D offices at (949) 478-2933.

Further details are available here:

How Airbus is Saving Weight Crafting Parts Like Bones

For passengers, it’s a distinctly unremarkable part of a plane’s interior, but for aircraft manufacturers it’s one of many significant pieces in a major engineering puzzle to minimise weight, while retaining great design and infrastructure safety.

Mimicking cells and bones’ structure
The component was created with custom algorithms that generated a design that mimics cellular structure and bone growth and then produced using 3D printing techniques.


Peter Sander stands before the 3D-printed parts of a new plane design

Peter Sander stands before the 3D-printed parts of a new plane design.

But that’s not all for Airbus and their use of 3D printing. They recently announced the production of THOR (Testing of High-tech Objects in Reality), a 3D-printed plane at scale. See:

3D My Horse Please

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3D My Horse Please

Need to immortalize your daughter’s pride and joy in lifelike representation? You need to check out this company. See:

Navy Saves Thousands with 3D-Printer at Sea

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Navy Saves Thousands with 3D-Printer at Sea

Petty Officer 3rd Class Tyler Stevens, and Petty Officer 2nd Class Ashley Figert, 3D printer technicians onboard the USS Harry S. Truman, watch the printer at work. The 3D printer shop aboard the Truman invented ”Tru Clips” to protect attachments for the ship’s handheld radios. Photo by Chris Church/Stars and Stripes.

With 3D printers aboard the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier, the Navy was able to produce a remedy for their own equipment needs at six cents a print. Not only that, the clip they produced will be used by astronauts on the International Space Station.

For the full story and photos of the Tru Clips, see:

Boston Bioprinting Conference Planned for Oct 17-18

BCC Research is encouraging visitors to meet their next life science partner and project in an atmosphere of multidisciplinary life science collaboration this October 17-18 in Boston.
For more on attending the conference “Bioprinting, Beyond the Scaffold 2016” and finding out about the burgeoning industry of printing in ‘bioinks,’ among other facets, see:

    Robot Sex Producing Offspring

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    Robot Sex Producing Offspring

    You can’t make this stuff up, people. It’s happening in Amsterdam, of all places.

    Bridget Butler Millsaps on how this is all unfolding at:

    How the Russiand 3D-Printed a Mouse Thyroid That Works

    Russia Today printed the story in November of 2015, but it’s worth repeating here because this kind of thing is a historical landmark. Because of the implications to modern medicine, the ability to bioprint functional body parts that work in a living organism is not a development to be missed. For the full story, please see:

    Your 3D-Printed Body Part Now on Order

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    The condition of medical 3D printing is an ongoing affair. New developments happen daily. Researchers at John Hopkins Hospital have published a paper, “Three-Dimensional Printing of Bone Extracellular Matrix for Craniofacial Regeneration,” on their creation of 3D-printed bone graft using bioactive scaffolds. Need to order a new femur? Click here.

    Another paper published in the journal Nature talks about how a 3D bioprinting system to produce human-scale tissue constructs with structural integrity means the capabilities of wearing a 3D-printed ear is only a day or so away.

    L’Oreal has your skin covered, so to speak. partnering with Organovo they are now looking into being the makeup leader in printing skin.

    For the full story, please go here:

    3D-Printed Construction to Double by 2021

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    In a recent article entitled, “3D Concrete Printing Market By Product Type (Walls, Floors & Roofs, Panels & Lintels), by Concrete Type (Ready-Mix, High-Density, Precast, Shotcrete), by Software (Design, Inspection, Printing), by End-Use Sector (Architectural, Industrial, Domestic) & by Region – Forecast to 2021” by news agency, 3D-printed concrete construction is expected to grow from $24.5 million in 2015 to $56.4 million by 2021.

    According to the report, “The 3D Concrete Printing Market is projected to witness significant growth in the next few years with the increasing demand for new constructions all over the world due to rapid urbanization and industrialization with increased investments in the infrastructural developments in emerging markets.”

    For the Markets and Markets report, see: