Patent Awarded for Bone Implant Technology

Posted by Editor On May - 3 - 2016

Patent Awarded for Bone Implant Technology

4WEB Medical, a manufacturer of 3D printed orthopedic implants, has been awarded a patent for their for truss implant technology by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Over 10,000 truss implants have been implanted since 2013 throughout the USA, Europe and Australia. The patent, number 9,271,845 B2 and entitled ‘Programmable Implants and Methods of Using Programmable Implants to Repair Bone Structures’, is claimed to cover truss and strut-based lattice implant designs that transfer bone specific biologic strain to adjacent cellular material when loaded. It works on the concept that load causes strain, and therefore the implant will transfer stress to nearby cellular materials and stimulate osteogenesis.

Jessee Hunt, President and CEO of 4WEB, explained that they are pleased to have this patent issued as they believe it protects the design and stimulative nature of their programmable truss implants, furthering their quest to develop optimized, patient-specific implants that accelerate healing.

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