Type A Machines Closes Its Doors

Posted by Editor On February - 1 - 2018

Type A Machines Closes Its Doors

Type A Machines, maker of the award-winning Series 1 Pro 3D Printer, call it quits.

Type A Machines Closes Its Doors

Founder and CEO of Type A Machines Andrew Rutter with one of their early models.

Type A Machines has announced the folding of the company. After a six-year stint of providing award-winning 3D printers, the company had this message penned by CEO Andrew Rutter on its homepage as of Jan. 28, 2018.

“It is with a heavy heart we announce that, after 6 years serving the maker community, Type A Machines is closing its doors.

“As an industry pioneer, Type A Machines was birthed from the grassroots maker movement. Founded in 2012, its origins were at the NoiseBridge hackerspace and Tech Shop, moving to the East Bay to expand its manufacturing efforts.

“Makers of the award winning Series 1 3D printer, Type A Machines pushed the industry forward while remaining true to its open source origins. The Series 1 was the first 3D printer to include on-board Wi-Fi, the first to include material profiles, and thanks to its unique extruder, could print in more materials than any other 3D printer ever.

“I’m deeply appreciative and proud of the many customers, partners, and individuals who helped make Type A Machines a unique and innovative company, who pushed the boundaries of what was possible, and dedicated themselves to an ideal. Our future will be a bit better thanks to them.”

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