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3d printing could be the answer to low-income housing
interview with jose manuel baena of regemat 3d and breca health care
spacetech expo europe announces speakers for conference

3d systems offers webinar on working with alfa romeo f1 team
bonding large prints with plasma technology


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We noticed that universities and schools still had a huge demand for 3D printers, but little or no staff prepared to use the devices.
André Skortzaru

3d printed thumbstick
man attempts suicide with zucchini
one apartment = 24 rooms

scientists find last honest man
walnut fights and other games
help free the earth videos
paulista ave sao paulo photog credit

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induction magnetometer measures haarp output
man claims skull remains of alien lovechild
world's cleverest man turns down 1 million dollars
scientists claim able to turn off brain morality center

internet security guru shows all
cryptome vault       what's my ip?

spacetech expo logo photog credit   
can a fly be a spy?       need a proxy server?

3D Criar's founders on the changes 3D printing is bringing to Brazil